Author: kojisan

Apple Sauce

         Ingredients 4 apples 1/2 cup of water a dousing of: cinnamon, brown sugar and cornstarch Directions Peel the apples, remove the core and slice them up evenly. Combine the sliced apples and water in a pot and place on medium heat. Douse the mixture with a layer of cinnamon, brown sugar and…

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Lexicon for Business Speak

Lexicon for Business Speak “Lots of impactful statements which we can use to get traction going forward. Once actioned, we can socialize our proactive approach while potentiating a high level overview of the implementation. This goal will be our primary, secondary, tertiary and quaternary deliverable which we’ll leverage during the lift and shift of the…

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Restrooms and Keys

During my road trip back to Toronto from Las Vegas, it occurred to me that restrooms in the US are open to everyone.  In Ontario, you need a key to use them.  I don’t get that.  Often when you go to a shop or gas station or office, they have a washroom key on this…

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Gun Control in 2014 & Beyond

I’m finding it interesting how the Empire is going about disarming its citizenry these days. For instance, in Canada, the government has an extremely complicated and convoluted process for citizens to own, manage and enjoy their firearms.  In the US, they won’t touch the second amendment, but they will horde all the ammo. Here’s a quote I…

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Dark Bark

Ingredients 300 grams of dark chocolate 1-2 cups of raw almonds sea salt boiling water Tools cookie sheet, baking tray or pizza tray (I use a pizza tray) glass bowl sauce pan paper towel parchment paper wooden spoon kettle Directions *Preheat oven to 350 F. * Boil about a cup of water. Place the almonds…

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Ingredients 1/2 can of chick peas 3.5 dashes of paprika 3 dashes of cumin a teaspoon of garlic purée 2 squeezes of stone ground mustard half a lemon’s juice Directions Place all the ingredients into a food processor and purée until completely purée-fied. Enjoy!