Red Lentil Soup

Serves 4 – 5 bowls of soup.

2 Onions
4 Carrots
1-2 cups of Split Red Lentils
1 Bouillion Cube
4 cups of Boiling Water
4 tbsp Cocnut oil (use the oil you like to cook with)

Spices: (1 teaspoon for each or more depending on desire)
– Mustard Seed powder
– Garlic powder
– Tumeric
– Cumin
– Coriander
– Paprika

(Let them mix together for 2-3 min before adding the next spice.)

1. Place the lentils in a bowl, and cover with water. Allow to soak for later use; Chop the onions to desired size.
2. In a soup pan or stock pan, heat the oil at medium – low heat. Add Onions to the hot oil while stirring frequently and allow to cook for 10 – 12 minutes before adding spices.
3. Chop Carrots to desired sizes.
4. Add the spices in the above order, one at a time. Once added, stir them in well with the Onions. Add water from time to time to prevent dry spices from sticking to the bottom of the pan.
5. Once the Onions are cooked and the spices are all mixed together, add the carrots. Stir Carrots so they’re well coated
6. Boil 1.5 Litres of water. (max capacity line in my kettle)
7. Place Bouillon cube in a measuring cup and measure 2 cups of boiling water. With a fork, break apart the cube. It’s okay if only half the cube gets dissolved in the water.
8. Using a strainer, strain the Lentils and wash them before adding them to the mixture. Once rinsed, add the Lentils
9. Stir the mixture to allow everything to come together,
10. Add and stir in the 2 cups of boiling water. Add an additional 2 cups with the remainder of the Bouillon cube.
11. Stir everything together and crank up the heat to high allowing the soup to boil.
12. Once boiled, turn down the heat allowing the soup to simmer on low heat.

Note: As the lentils continue to expand, the soup will thicken. Add additional boiling water to desired consistency. Salt isn’t added to this mixture because Bouillon cubes contain quite a bit. For larger soups, add salt to taste.


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